Collecting Data Via USB

When collecting clocking data by USB datastick there is no need to add a terminal to the software. The first step is to follow the instructions for downloading the information from the terminal on to a USB datastick. Once you have completed this, plug the USB stick into the computer. Then from the top menu […]

Setting up a Clocking Terminal

You only need to setup a terminal if you are collecting data via TCP/IP. If you will be collecting your information by USB datastick then this section can be ignored. Once you have logged into the software go to Configuration – System Settings (Fig 1).   From the System Settings screen click on the Device […]

How to Register InfoTime

Before you can use the system you must register the software. You should have received a registration code along with the details of where to get the installation routine, if you haven’t please contact your retailer. When you access the page http://localhost/[VirtualDirectory] for the first time there will be a short delay while the software […]

How to Install

Extract all the files in to a folder on your PC. Once the extraction has finished, browse to the location of the files and run the application Install.exe (this must be run as an administrator). The installation splash screen will load (Fig 1).   The installation routine will begin by making sure that all […]

System Requirements

InfoTime is browser based application, this means it can be accessed from any device with a web browser installed. This includes Windows and Apple PC’s along with smartphones and tablets. The computer that hosts the database must be a Windows PC of at least the following specification: Please note your version of windows must support […]