Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my password?

When logged into the software at the top right hand side click My Account (Fig 1).


Fig 1

Fig 1


This will take you to the My Account page (Fig 2).


Fig 2

Fig 2


Enter your new password in the Password field, and then enter the password again in the Confirm Password field. Finally click Save and you’re new password will be set.

Can I use the software on a Apple Mac?

InfoTime is a browser based software so can be accessed from any device which a web browser installed. However server hosting the software must be running Windows with IIS and Microsoft SQL installed on it

How Do I Install on a client PC?

The InfoTime software is browser based so there is no software to be installed on the client PCs. On any device on the same network as the server, simply enter the address into the browser and then you will be able to log in with the usernames and passwords setup.

Can I access the software from anywhere?

While the software is browser based, to access the software from outside your local network you will need to enable port forwarding to access the software from outside your local area network. Your IT administrator will need to forward a port to the internal IP address of the server hosting the software.